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FAQ for Pest Control Operators

This page is for experienced termite professionals and contains terminology and ideas that can easily be understood within the termite industry.  We encourage professionals who have questions to contact us and we will make every attempt to answer you promptly, honestly and accurately.

What termiticides can be applied to a Green Termite Bait?

We recommend the following:

  • Termidor Dust® - Only 1/4 to 1/2 gram.

  • Intrigue® - 1 gram.

  • Termidor® solution - 50ml at label rates, but may be more effective at lower rates.

  • Premise solution - 50ml at label rates, but may be more effective at lower rates.

It should be noted that the liquid termiticide solutions are being applied to the soil in and around the bait, including the termite workings that are attached to the Green Termite Bait.  Only a cupful of solution is required. This is similiar to applying termiticide to a tree stump, or a retaining wall except that the tree stump might take 20 - 50 litres, while the bait only takes a cupful.  This is very positive for the safety of the client and the environment. To ensure that the chemical penetrates through to the soil, we advise pre-wetting the bait with 150ml of pure water. (Not tap water)

Arsenic trioxide can also be used but with a reduced success rate 50-80%.

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Do I have to pay commissions back to Green Termite Bait Systems?

Of course not!  Who'd do such a thing?

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Is the Green Termite Bait System Australian made?

Yes.  Unlike many other systems where large chunks of money are heading back to the USA, the Green Termite Bait System is manufactured on the beautiful Gold Coast right here in Australia.  The company is wholly Australian owned.

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Do I need a scanner?

Do you really want another thing that breaks, plays up, reads incorrectly and ends up being chucked in the back of the truck?  No.  Our 'Quotation & Acceptance Form' is simple to understand and easy to complete. It has all you need to keep perfectly accurate records on behalf of your customer.  Time is money.  You don't need to waste time.

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How long does it take to inspect the baits?

An average home with 20 baits will take only 5 minutes. Longer if you stop to chat with the customer. About 5 minutes longer if you have to treat an active bait. We are not exaggerating! About 6 minutes longer if you need to replace a previously treated bait. It is quick, simple and easy. No fuss, no mess, no fiddly keys.

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What else can get into a Green Termite Bait?

Unlike many plastic bodied bait systems, you won't be surprised and find it full of ants, lizards, slugs, worms, redbacks, funnelwebs, or any of a host of other subterranean creatures.

All you will find in a Green Termite Bait is termites!  Non-targeted pests are excluded.

Green Termite Baits improve with age as they get older.  This is because termites prefer decaying timber.  (Many termites in nature clean up fallen trees and branches in forests.)

There is a point after about 3-5 years where the Green Termite Bait is past it useful life and needs replacing.  At this point you may find grubs or worms in the bait.  Toss it out. The top of the bait is recyclable and can be used again or kept as a replacement spare.

There is a twelve month unconditional manufacturing warranty on your Green Termite Bait so if perchance it should split or crack and not be serviceable, then we will replace it FREE of charge, no questions asked.  After 10 years and over 100,000 baits sold, we know just how sturdy this little beauty is!

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What else can go wrong with the Green Termite Bait System?

Everyone knows the KISS principle.  Unlike several other unmanageable systems, we kept it simple.  There is simply not much that can go wrong.  Install it correctly in the first place, monitor it on a monthly schedule and you will be sure to please and impress your customers. You deliver the outstanding service and the Green Termite Baits will deliver great results for years to come.

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What about Nasutitermes, Microcerotermes and other species?

You won't find Nasutitermes or other Family Termitidae very often in a Green Termite Bait.  Microcerotermes can be a nuisance and chew a bait over an extended period of time, effectively blocking other termites from the bait.  Use a low label rate Termidor® solution on them and put a new bait in nearby to restore interception of other termite species that are of economic significance.

Heterotermes ferox can also be a nuisance in a bait, but these should still be treated with termiticide normally as they may do superficial damage to fences, decking and occasionally houses.  Better still, look around for the nest mound and dig it out if you find it.

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Is it 100% guaranteed to intercept and stop termites finding their way into my customer's property?

In the real world, we all know this is not possible. Any statement that implies otherwise is false. The Green Termite Bait System is simply a brilliant way to substantially reduce the risk of termites finding their way into a home undetected, as well as a great opportunity to destroy the termite's home before they damage and devalue your customer's most valuable asset, however due to a range of factors beyond our control we can not offer a 100% termite protection guarantee. It should supplement other traditional treatments if termites are already in a home or if the home has areas of extreme risk where baits are not practical.

It is great value for money, and should be sold as prevention rather than cure.

Statistically over 10 years, our success rate on fully serviced complete Green Termite Bait Systems is better than 99.5%.

Our Termiproof warranty plan is strongly based around the Green Termite Bait System and its extremely good success rate.

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What if there are termites already in the house?

Obviously you will need to look at several options after completing a full inspection.

  • Termidor® dusting to leads.

  • Better still, Termidor® dusting to active feeding areas.

  • Termidor® solution/foam into leads.

  • Nest removal.

  • Perimeter treatment or partial perimeter treatment. Termidor recommended.

  • Utilise an above ground bait station if you have very little termite activity to work with.

  • Timber treatment using Boracol or Mabon's.

  • Or any good combination of the above.

Plus it is always a good move to install a Green Termite Bait System around the home to compliment the above methods and help round up any other termites that may still pose further risks. We all know that in most cases there is more than one nest in the near vicinity of the home.

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Does the Green Termite Bait System comply with the Australian Standards for pest control?

The Australian Standards 3660 & 4349 were not specifically written with Termite Baiting Systems in mind.  The standards were designed for the inspection and treatment of existing houses and new houses using chemical or physical barriers.

There are just 9 lines devoted to termite baiting systems out of 47 pages.

Page 19, s5.3.4 reads:

(b) Application of bait toxicants.

Suitably registered baits may be used in conjunction with aggregation systems or may be applied directly to areas in which termites are already known to be feeding. The action of the baits on the colony will depend on the active ingredient.

Page 23, s6.5 reads:

Baiting Systems

Baiting systems may be used to manage or eradicate existing termite colonies and to monitor for future activity. They are not prophylactic barrier systems and might not prevent future attack. They may be used alone or in conjunction with conventional barrier systems. Baiting can be useful in chronic re-infestation situations where other methods have been unsuccessful. Baiting systems do not impede concealed termite access into a building or structure.

We suggest that an external in ground termite bait system should not be purchased as a sole means of treating existing (active) termites in a house. Nor should it ever be sold as a stand alone means of termite protection for new homes.

They are sold as an additional means of reducing the risk of termites gaining entry to a home.

Even though they are extremely effective when used correctly, it is still advisable to suggest your customer's home be inspected at least annually as recommended by the Australian Standards. As Murphy might say, "To be sure, to be sure."  Most people don't get their homes checked annually. Why?  We suspect price is the answer.

The Australian Standards also state that NO termite management method is 100% termite proof, hence the need for inspections and follow-up treatments even on brand new homes.

There is no fine print hidden on the Green Termite Bait System quotation and acceptance form. It comes with the following disclaimer in plain English on the front of the form:

Disclaimer: Green Termite Bait Systems will substantially reduce the risk of termites gaining entry to your property. This is affected by three factors. 1. The number of baits you choose to install. 2. The available areas for correct placement of baits. 3. The frequency of bait inspections. Monthly checks are recommended. Fortnightly if you are north of the Tropic of Capricorn. However, as with all termite risk reduction systems Green Termite Baits™ cannot and should not be relied upon for 100% protection. Regular annual or bi-annual inspections by your respected termite professional are advised as recommended in the Australian Standards. Additional risk reduction measures may be required in certain cases. No warranty or guarantee against termites is offered or inferred by Green Termite Bait Systems or their authorised distributors. Individual Green Termite Baits do come with a 12 month defect warranty and will be replaced FREE of charge if for any reason they crack, split or become unserviceable during the first 12 months. The life expectancy of a Green Termite Bait is 3-5 years depending on the moisture content of the soil. Unlike plastic bodied systems, Green Termite Baits improve with age. This is because termites prefer decaying timber. Copyright of Green Termite Bait Systems 1996-2004. All rights reserved.

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How do I become a distributor or service agent?

Please visit this page and follow the links or simply contact us.

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