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Green Termite Bait Systems - Service History Book

One day this book will be worth it's weight in Gold to you.

This service history book is available from most full service distributors. It is kept in the meter box and is filled out every month by a licenced technician upon completion of your monthly bait inspection and service.

It has tremendous value when you decide to sell your house because it shows a pro-active approach to termite control, along with a complete history of your inspections, termite and bait activity including the results of successful nest eradications as well as ongoing treatments.

Termite savvy purchasers will recognise the benefit of buying a home with a fully serviced and up-to-date termite risk reduction program in place.  So too will the better termite inspectors who conduct the pre-purchase pest report on the house.

service book

It could well make the difference between a sale or a no-sale.

Please think about it.  Wouldn't you sooner buy a home with a fully maintained and up-to-date termite management system in place OR the same house with no termite protection?

View sample pages below. The code is easy to follow and understand. Code explanations are top and bottom.