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Termidor® - Unfair comparison or simply untrue?

You decide.

The truth about baiting systems

Let's correct it.

'fed bait that contains insect growth regulator's' - half true - can also be treated with Termidor®, Premise or Arsenic to name a few non-growth regulators.

'if' the termites eat the bait - true for some baiting systems - not true for the Green Termite Bait System. Should be 'when' the termites eat the bait.

'IGR's rely on termites moulting to die' - true - but let's have the complete story - Intrigue® is an IGR that also stops the Queen termite from producing viable eggs - which causes an early collapse of the colony AND it has also been shown that the colony will assassinate and try to replace a Queen who isn't producing viable eggs. Because of the IGR they fail to produce a new Queen and the colony is doomed. Non-IGR's such as Termidor®, Premise or Arsenic will kill the Queen with-in days of her coming in contact with the termiticide from one of her workers that accidentally transfers it to her.

'in the meantime termites continue to attack your home' what a load of BS - just scare tactics, untrue and exaggerated. Termites generally find the bait before they reach your home and their nest is destroyed before they get a chance to enter the home.

'baiting systems are not a prophylactic barrier' - of course not! That's why people like them so much. Baiting systems are an alternative or an addition to 'traditional' chemical soil treatments. Extremely useful where soil treatments are not practical or effective.

'baiting systems are often used as an only form of protection' - so? Treated soil is often used as an only form of protection also - with a pretty high failure rate to boot - which is why astute home owners look for additional ways to reduce the risk of termites getting into their homes undetected.

'bait stations cover as little as 5% of your perimeter' - ok this is the prime BS of the day - and for fun I'd like to use their own nonsense logic to state that a treated zone only covers 1 millionth of your perimeter - on a molecular level that is. So, lets untwist the facts and not tell big lies. Although a termite bait is only a small object, it covers an area of 2 - 3 metres. Termites don't travel in straight lines between baits. They forage outwards fanning out looking for food. Termidor® are fully aware of this fact. Termite baits were first developed by the CSIRO and are endorsed around the world because they work. A termite bait is like a restaurant for termites, and just like a restaurant only sits on one small block of land, it draws hungry diners from all around.

We don't market or promote above ground stations since we feel that most colonies above ground (i.e. inside your home) can be treated more directly, however there are two things to remember. Firstly, an above ground (in house) station may have a time and place when there is no other viable solution, and secondly, if the colony of termites is already established in the house it may have no need to venture back to the perimeter, in effect rendering a full treated zone useless. This occurs mostly when the pest controller hasn't thoroughly investigated the termite activity and simply dives in and does a full perimeter treatment on every home he comes across - whether it is appropiate or not. It leads to much frustration and heartbreak for home owners who spend thousands of dollars on a perimeter spray only to still be left with the original problem.

To be fair, baits alone on the outside wouldn't help either. An expect termite technician will know exactly when to treat the termites on the inside first and THEN apply a treated zone and/or a termite bait system to reduce the risk of termites re-entering the home in the future.

Now to conclude, let's examine the time factors. 4.3 weeks to colony control versus many months. 'Many months' may be true of some well known plastic bait systems but it isn't true with the Green Termite Baiting System. Our statistics (gleaned from 9 years of practical experience in the field, and hundreds of baits treated every month) show that most nests are destroyed or in major decline with-in 2 months of a Green Termite Bait being treated with a registered termiticide.

We like Termidor®. We use and highly recommend Termidor®; it's a great product, but the sales and marketing team behind Termidor® shouldn't resort to half truths and misinformation to try and prop up it's sales against the ever growing popularity of termite baiting systems. It only sullies it's own credibility and reputation in the end.