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Termiproof® Warranty Plan

The Optional Warranty Plan That Offers Genuine Protection

Now you can stop worrying about termites and the damage they cause.

Presently there are a range of warranty options available to the public...

  • Warranties that come with a particular product.
  • Warranties that are compulsory for new homes by law.
  • Or other warranties offered by separate insurance providers.

Some warranties are easy to get but contain many exclusions and other ‘get out of jail free' fine-print.

Cleverly written fine print that is designed to make it difficult, if not down-right impossible for a genuine warranty claim to be honoured.

Few clients ever read the fine print (if they get to see it at all) and only discover their inability to claim when it is too late.


A clear way to understand this is:

Easy to get warranty = Hard to make a genuine claim.

By thinking outside the square, we reversed the criteria and placed the onus on the warranty itself and then we devised the Termiproof warranty:

Harder to get warranty = Easier to make a genuine claim.

The Termiproof® warranty is an industry first. The logic is simple. Rather than look for ways to avoid paying out on a claim, we have chosen to make your home termite-proof or as near to termite-proof as possible. The Termiproof warranty plan also ensures that if there is any termite damage it should be minimal. We asked the following question, "How could we genuinely make the majority of homes in Australia termite-proof?" If you ask any pest controller if it is possible to make a typical Australian home absolutely 100% termite-proof, they will correctly answer, "No it isn't."

However, it is possible to make it extremely difficult or highly unlikely for termites to damage a home.

The Termiproof warranty is based on implementing a thorough Integrated Termite Management program (ITM). It is all about long term termite prevention and protection. It is achieved by following a logical plan of action:

  • Initial survey and estimates.
  • Installation of Ec2c Termite Windows throughout the house with the following benefits:
    • Ec2c's may reveal termite damage from:
      • Existing active termites
      • Non-active termites
      • Previously eliminated termites
      • Other timber damaging insects and fungi
      • New (future) termite activity upon repeat inspection.
    • Ec2c's improve the effectiveness of the next step: - termite inspection.
  • Annually carry out a thorough and comprehensive termite inspection and written report and take action based on the report:
    • If the report gives your home a clean bill of health – go to the final step.
    • If not, then treat active termites where-ever possible.
      • Follow up the initial treatment in 4-6 weeks.
      • Follow up again in 6 months to reconfirm the success of the initial treatment.
    • Carry out a full or partial perimeter soil treatment if deemed necessary.
    • Clear up any termite attractants from the yard where practical. E.g. Timber stored on the ground near the house.
    • Repair other problems that may attract termites. E.g. Dripping taps, broken plumbing.
    • Carry out other miscellaneous treatments as advised by your professional termite manager. E.g. Apply timber preservative to ‘at risk' timber.
  • Finally, install a Green Termite Bait System and arrange for monthly servicing of the system.

There you have it in a nutshell! A sensible termite management plan that every homeowner should be following if their house is at any sort of risk of termite attack. If this plan is maintained from year to year it is highly unlikely that termites will ever manage to do any significant damage to the home.

What the Termiproof Warranty Covers

If there is any termite damage during the warranty period, the Termiproof warranty will cover you for all repairs and timber replacement, plaster, tile replacement, and repainting as per the terms of the warranty.

To make it plain and simple to understand we have designed the following flow chart:

Integrated Termite Management Flow Chart

When you look at the flow chart you can see how simple ITM is. The two rectification steps may involve a range of smaller steps and this is where you need to heed the sound advice offered by your trusted termite professional.

Whether or not you want a genuine termite warranty, it makes perfect sense to follow a well structured ITM program anyway. Keeping termites permanently out of your home is both possible and affordable. In all cases it's an ongoing program with associated costs. Termites never quit, but with a good ITM program incorporating a Green Termite Bait System, termites will never win.

Most of us have heard the one-liner joke based on the following conundrum; “The bank is always happy to loan money to you if you don't need it!?

Likewise, if you take the steps necessary to qualify for a Termiproof warranty – you'll probably never need to make a claim on it.

Idea: Why not take the steps anyway! Purchasing the warranty is optional.

The price for the Termiproof warranty is $25/mth to be renewed annually.

The guiding mission behind Green Termite Bait Systems is to provide you, the Australian public with the best and most affordable termite solutions that work. Over the years we have exposed several problems associated with the pest control industry and where possible we have offered solutions. See newsletters for articles.

As much as we would like it, our overall aim is NOT to sell thousands of Termiproof warranties, but instead, it is our hope that we can encourage all home owners to invest a little time and money into a well thought out Integrated Termite Management program tailor-made to their home by their local termite professional.

Although the Termiproof warranty is not for everyone, we believe that it fills a need for those people who want to have total termite security for their home.

Where do you get your Termiproof warranty?

Unlike the Green Termite Bait System which is now available nationally from many quality pest control companies, the Termiproof warranty will only be available from accredited termite management companies. At first this will be a very small, carefully selected group. It will be rolled out over a six month period commencing November 2007.

When you visit our distributors page you can identify an authorised Termiproof warranty issuer because their listing is in bold.

The sad truth is that the pest control industry still has its fair share of cowboys (as do most trades) and we don't want any cowboys issuing Termiproof warranties willy-nilly in the same way they hand out some of the other easy-to-get termite repair warranties. Let us remind you once again that some deceptively attractive warranties have cleverly worded fine print intended to protect the pestie and the insurance company from you and your honest claim!

I'm sure that last paragraph may upset a few people in the pest control industry but it will also get a big hurrah from many others that support our views and refuse to sell nonsense warranties.

The Termiproof warranty will only be available from high quality pest control companies and skilled termite managers in our industry. To ensure this, accreditation will be restricted to those termite managers who can prove their competency by passing a written examination. It's a difficult exam, but for any termite technician who is knowledgeable and experienced it should be fairly straightforward.

The Termiproof warranty application requires a reasonable amount of supporting documentation which for the main part will be provided on your behalf by the termite manager who is facilitating your warranty. For some pest controllers, the paperwork requirements will be a burden they don't want. Good! It is just another way for you to identify quality companies from the others who are 'all talk and no action'.

If you are a licenced pest control company and wish to become an accredited Termiproof warranty issuer, then you will need to complete an aplication form as well as an examination. Simply contact us so we can post out the paperwork. To preview the examination simply click here.

The Termiproof warranty will also meet with some resistance from some customers who are reluctant to act in accordance with with a complete ITM program, either because it is too expensive or because it takes too much effort. They will jump at the worthless 'easy to get' warranty and sadly for some, they will pay a much higher price later. Strong words, but true none the less.

For example: Our sister company Green Pest Control services some regular customers who have been repeatedly advised to carry out certain inexpensive but important remedial actions to reduce their termite risk. They agree, “Yes, will do," but unfortunately, apathy and procrastination prevent the work from actually getting done.

In summary: If you want to make your home as ‘termite-proof' as possible, simply follow the advice of your trusted professional termite manager and implement a quality ITM program.

More About Integrated Termite Management (ITM)

We will start with a little analogy. If you had a brand new car, but it had bald tyres, how safe would it be to drive? It would be fairly safe – until it rained – or you had to stop in hurry – or you had to swerve to avoid trouble. Plainly, having great brakes, great safety features and being a good driver are important points, but if the tyres are bald, then you run an increased risk of an accident.

When it comes to termite protection, many people make one of two mistakes:

  • Look for the cheapest solution and do that and no more.
  • Or use one single treatment / prevention method only.

Integrated termite management involves looking at the home, yard and neighbouring areas as a whole and developing a strategic plan that makes it all but impossible for termites to damage your home. If they should actually make it past all your defences and gain access to your home, then it should be impossible for the termites to do major damage because they will be discovered and eliminated earlier rather than later.

The best way to explain this further is to create a fictional home and give it a range of termite problems:

  • The house built on a slope and is half on a concrete slab, and half on stumps (piers).
  • Under the house abutting the concrete slab in a very low spot is some plywood formwork left by the builders.
  • A small store room has been enclosed underneath with makeshift walls built onto some of the stumps.
  • The storeroom has termites and they have travelled up both the inside and the outside of one stump into the home. There is some slight but obvious damage to the bearer supported by the stump and to a roof beam that they reached further up in the house.
  • Termites have also entered the home from another entry point under the slab via a garden bed against the wall of the house.
  • Termites can be found in a nearby retaining wall and also in the timber fence.
  • There is an old tree stump in the back yard full of termites also.
  • The drainpipe from the gutter near the front garden bed is leaking and blocked.
  • There is an air-conditioning unit beside the house with no run-off pipe.
  • Beside the garage is a pile of firewood stacked against the wall.
  • The opposite wall has a garden shed with no concrete floor and some old furniture stored in it.
  • The neighbour's yard has two big stumps in it that appear to be riddled with termites.

Now, lets assume that you have been house hunting for ages and this home is a great price and it ideally suits your needs. You love it. You want it, but should you buy it?

All of the above problems have been bought to your attention in your pre-purchase report. Your termite inspector advises you that it is a bundle of trouble and you might be better off to keep looking. The real estate agent points out that the house is $50,000 under the current market value (due to the termite problems) and that it is a bargain.

Do you buy?

Well, the truth is that there is no right or wrong answer. All of the termite problems can easily be taken care of except one. Can you guess which one? Go on, test yourself; think like a termite inspector and read the description of the house again and try and guess which one is the problem you can't easily fix.

Ok, if you said “There is some slight but obvious damage to the bearer supported by the stump and to a roof beam that they reached further up in the house?, go to the top of the class!

Here's why. Everything else can be fixed for a reasonable price – well with-in the $50,000 you are saving on the home. However the damage to the bearer and roof beam is very difficult to conceal and it will be visible to any competent termite inspector for the remaining life of the home. It is going to be revealed in all future termite reports and will usually result in the collapse of the sale or a lower offer being made on the home.

If an ITM program is implemented, the home can not only become a fortress against termites, but in years to come when the house is put back on the market, the ITM program and the Termiproof warranty that comes with such a program will greatly off-set the devaluation caused by the termite damage to the bearer.

So, what sort of ITM program would we recommend for this property?

Before we answer this question, we will point out that this (fictitious) home has a lot more problems than the average home, so don't be alarmed. We are using it as a worst case scenario to show the immediate and long term solutions needed to make this home safe from termites.

Step 1. A full termite inspection report is needed. (Already done) Price $550

Step 2. Up to 100 Ec2c Termite Windows should be installed throughout the house and yard. Price $495. Note: This step comes early as the installation process may reveal further concealed areas of termite activity. The Ec2c Termite Windows should be checked by the home owner monthly and by a professional every 6 months.

Step 3. The termites in both sections of the house need to be treated with Termidor Dust by an experienced professional. Price $500 which includes a follow-up in 4 weeks to check that the treatment was successful.

Step 4. The entry point under the front garden needs to be revealed and Termidor needs to be applied a few metres either side to create a partial treatment zone. (Note a full treatment zone is not practical as the back of the slab is not readily accessible and is on a steep slope.) Price $500

Step 5. All the piers should be drilled and inspected. If they are hollow inside then foam Termidor should be applied. All drill holes should be plugged with an Ec2c Termite Window and/or a Boron rod can be added. 10 Piers – Price $250 plus the pier where the termites access the house $150 extra.

Step 6. Since the piers are in direct contact with soil, the base of the piers should be painted with a clear Boron infused product such as Mabons or Boracol. Price $200.00

Step 7. The formwork left by the builders should be removed. If it can't be removed then it should also be treated with Mabons or Boracol. Price $100.00. Note: Creosote and Engine Oil are not recommended.

Step 8. The exposed timbers in the underneath storeroom should be treated with Mabons or Boracol. Price $100

Step 9. A Green Termite Bait System needs to be installed around the home. 20 baits professionally installed $910 plus monthly servicing $67 - $100 per month depending on the prices set by your serviceman. Should the termites in the neighbours stumps approach your home the baits will give you a solid opportunity to kill the nest before they find a way into your home.

Step 10. All timber in the shed beside the wall of the house should be stored off the bare earth.

Step 11. The firewood needs to be relocated and stored off the earth. (Preferably on concrete clear of edges and cracks in the concrete.)

Step 12. The retaining wall and fence need to be treated for the active termites. It may be that the termites are no longer active if the termites that were treated in the house were coming from the same nest. Assuming not, then the price to the treat the retaining wall and the fence will depend on the level of termite activity. The treatment method may be with Termidor Dust and/or Termidor applied to the soil behind the retaining wall and where the fence is in direct contact with the soil.

Guesstimate price $500

Step 13. The tree stump needs to be drilled and injected with an approved termiticide if it is still active. Price $220. If practical, the stump should be removed after the treatment is completed.

Step 14. The broken drainage needs to be repaired. Water leaks attract termites. Price??

Step 15. A run-off hose needs to be fitted to the air-conditioning external unit and connected to a working drain. DIY or use a plumber $100.


It may seem a lot to ask, but if you leave one step out, you give the termites an edge. If you leave several steps out (especially some of the major steps), then it's no different to replacing 2 bald tyres on your car and leaving 2 bald tyres – it's better than nothing, but the potential for trouble is still high.

Total Cost: Around $4,000 + Monthly maintenance; which is a pretty good trade off against a $50,000 saving on the purchase price of the home!

Note: To repeat, the above example is a more extreme case of multiple termite issues than most homes will ever experience. The majority of home owners will not require anywhere near as many steps as those that we have outlined above.

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Compare Warranties.

Our warranty is here for all to see.

If you can find the fine print of any other post-construction termite warranty online please let us know so we can put it here to compare. Other warranties are plainly not available for scrutiny, which should have you asking the obvious question, "Why not? What have they got to hide?"

In some cases we know of customers who are told they have a warranty and yet they have absolutely nothing in writing to prove it.

If you do get to see the fine print of any other warranty we advise you to show it to your solictor and ask for a legal opinion as to its value. Of course we also suggest you do the same with our Termiproof warranty.

Put the Termiproof warranty to the test and you will see that it is designed to protect you from the expense of costly repairs for new termite damage caused by termites during the warranty period.

Important Advice for New Home Owners:

Your new home warranty is also subject to 'terms and conditions' that must be followed. Most new home owners never read the fine print and through simple ignorance void their long term warranty in just 12 months.


The price for the Termiproof warranty is $25/mth to be renewed annually.

It can be paid monthly or annually.

It is renewable each year subject to the terms of the warranty.

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