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Termite Photos

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Termites in Besser block. Black ants dragging off disturbed termites. Termite alates under bark of tree. Termites behind gyprock on a Besser block wall. Termites under railway sleeper.
Termites nest and major lead under house. Termite entry under floor tiles in shower. Termites in timber stud in wall. Schedorhinotermes intermedius alates. Termite mound/nest.
Termite nest chipped open. Two termite leads up high brick wall. Termite mud built over oiled metal post. Termite activity under front patio. Termites in fence.
Dog kennel? No. Termite kennel. Yes! Termites in roof bearer. Termite leads in sub-floor. Termite damage in skirting board. Termite nest in timber floor of shed.
Termite nest in timber floor of shed - 2. Termite leads revealed after garden bed was removed. Termites in timber stacked against wall. Immature termite nymphs. Termite damage in roof.
Termite hazzards under house! Leaking showers attract termites. Schedorhinotermes intermedius major and minor soldiers. Termite activity under ant capping. Never leave rubbish under your house.
Massive damage to major bearer. Termites in roof bearer. Termite mudding in roof. Termite damage in timber floor and frame of bathroom. Termites behind shower wall.
Termites? No. Fungal decay? Yes. Nasutitermes walkeri in retaining wall. Evidence of borers in hardwood roof beams. Termite flight holes/exit holes inside wall of house. Termite nest in living room.
Coptotermes acinaciformis in wardrobe eating box full of tax papers! Termites in roof. Huge amount of dirt brought in by termites to build galleries. Schedorhinotermes intermedius eating hardwood bearer but not Cypress. Nasutitermes nest in fork of tree.
Termite nest above bathroom door. Heterotermes leads breaching termimesh - 1. Heterotermes leads breaching termimesh - 2. Heterotermes leads breaching termimesh - 3. Heterotermes leads rising up using moisture from hot water overflow.

© All the above photos have been taken on the job by the staff of Green Termite Bait Systems and are strictly copyright.

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