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Termites Already in Your Home?

This page is for those seeking help and advice about termites that are already in their home.

Here are three steps you should follow when you find termites.

  • Don't panic.
  • Don't disturb the termites, and if it's too late because you already have disturbed them, then once again, don't panic, just leave them alone.
  • Call your local professional pest controller.  Any time in the next week is fine.  It doesn't have to be straight away as very little additional termite damage will occur in a week.  Don't go trying to work it all out yourself as this often handicaps potential low cost solutions.

What are these low cost solutions?

  • Active termites can be dusted or foamed with a suitable termiticide which has the potential to destroy the offending nest. A nest in a wall may simply be cut out and removed, then a suitable termiticide may be applied to the one or more entry points.

  • Entry points might be easy to discover and treated with a suitable termiticide. This is often known as a partial treatment zone.

  • An internal termite bait may be applied to the offending area and termites encouraged to enter the bait for the opportunity to send a termiticide back to the nest to destroy it.

  • Products based on boron may be applied to affected areas to repel the termites and preserve the timber.

  • The extent of the termite activity can be ascertained through a thorough inspection and/or the installation of a set of Ec2c Termite Windows®.

  • Usually it is some combination of the above.

The Problem with Partial Treatments.

Although partial treatments will often solve your immediate termite problem at a much lower price than a full treatment, it doesn't address the issue of stopping further termite attack.  In some cases it may simply move the termite problem on to another part of the your home, so care is needed.

Unless a partial treatment is all you can afford, then it may be worth considering either of the following options.

  • A full and complete chemical treatment, keeping in mind the many hidden costs already mentioned on our home page.

  • A partial treatment to bring the termites in your home under control, plus a Green Termite Bait System to help reduce the risk of termites gaining entry to other areas of your home.

Regardless of your needs, some pest control firms are only interested in selling you a treatment that is the most profitable for them!  They often only offer you one choice.  Their way or no way.

We suggest you find a local company that offers you the best and most cost effective solution for your problem.  They will tailor-make a treatment plan plus a risk reduction plan to suit your budget.  You shouldn't pay too little or too much.  Sensibly, there is a balance between the price of a termite solution and its overall effectiveness.  A professional company will help you to find that balance. 

You should contact our authorised distributors for further advice.

How to Win the War Against Termites

Obviously, the best place to intercept and eliminate termites is outside your home before they get in. The Green Termite Bait System does just that, but unlike many other monitors, the Green System also gives you a strong chance of killing the termite nest using only a minute amount of an approved termiticide such as Termidor Dust.

Are you aware that statistics from the Department of Primary Industry indicate that one in three Australian homes nationally will suffer from termite damage during the life of the home?

With odds like that it's no wonder that general home insurance companies refuse point blank to insure your most valuable asset against expensive termite damage.

So... What can you do to reasonably reduce the risk of termites getting into your home?

Some pest control companies will tell you that you "must have" a full perimeter treatment at a cost of around $2,000 - $5,000.  Yet it might not be the best solution or even practical.

Bait SystemBait System

Next you'll be told about the need to cut or drill through all your concrete, paths, pavers, tiles, patios so that the chemicals can be applied to a trench surrounding your home.  Great!  Just wonderful!  And since you are not advised about any other choices you go ahead.  What they don't tell you is that the tell-tale signs of a full treatment will, in all probability, devalue your home to a prospective purchaser by up to $10,000.  Real estate agents refer to the drill holes in the concrete around your home as "the ring of death" ... the death of the sale and their commission.

They may not tell you that the correct way to do the job is to cut the concrete and remove it, then trench down to the footings before applying the chemical. It needs to be be applied to a suitable medium - preferably a rich organic soil. This is the correct method as stipulated in the Australian Standards. Drilling and injecting the concrete is a poor alternative and prone to failure since it is impossible to see what is actually under the concrete and there are many things that could reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Not only that, but your expensive treatment is biodegradable so it wears out and will need to be done again in years to come.  However, there is one great redeeming factor about this form of termite risk reduction...  It can work very well for up to 10 years depending on how well the job was carried out in the first place.  But beware, a poorly installed treated zone may not work at all, and if a "cheapy job" doesn't work, it may end up costing you far more in the long run.

Tip:  If you do decide on a perimeter treated zone, make sure that you choose a very professional company to carry out the work and ask for the best termiticides available. Insist on it being done to the Australian Standards and don't accept drill and inject unless you are prepared to run the risk of it failing.

Termites in your yard?

Maybe you have found termites in your yard, in your garden mulch, in your fences or retaining walls? Maybe your neighbour has termites and you don't want them coming into your house?

Then (luckily) you have been warned!  Ignore this early termite warning at your home's peril.

No one can afford to rely on luck to avoid termites, whether you find them in your yard or not.  You insure your home for fire, flood and theft.  You'd be crazy not to.  Yet termites do more damage to homes than fire, flood and theft combined!

It's a war.  Termites don't care if it's your home.  They just see your home as their dinner.  But now you have a chance to destroy their home before they get stuck into yours.


  • Simply pop your baits in around the house.

  • Spot the intruding termites in the Ec2c Termite Window.

  • Contact your local pestie to call out and apply a registered termiticide to the bait.

  • Sit back and relax.

Now it is the termites who have to worry!  In most cases, they will inadvertently carry the termiticide back to the nest, then unwittingly spread it around and destroy the whole nest.


Here are just a few of the many benefits you will receive by installing a Green Termite Bait System around your home:

  • A proven method to greatly reduce the risk of termites gaining entry to your home with a superb success rate, tested and perfected since 1996.

  • It will improve the value of your home from the day it's installed.  In fact, over time it should pay for itself many times over.

  • It's very affordable.

  • Can be serviced easily by any licensed pest control company in Australia.

  • Suitable for several termiticides including, Termidor® , Intrigue® , Premise®

  • Some distributors offer an All-Inclusive "Full Service" option with a guaranteed lifetime new for old bait replacement warranty or a D.I.Y. option with a 12 month new for old bait replacement warranty.

  • It comes with an iron-clad 30 day fair and unconditional money back guarantee.

  • Some distributors provide you with a special Service History Book that is updated every month by their fully trained technicians.  Our system keeps you positively informed at all times about your bait system's progress.

  • A service record page is also in the back of the D.I.Y. easy instruction manual.

  • Your Service History Book will prove to be a BIG plus - adding extra value to your home should you decide to sell.

  • You'll have greater peace of mind knowing that you have the added security of this highly effective pro-active approach to termite management working 24/7 to increase protection around your precious home. Thousands of homes already have the added protection of a Green Termite Bait System.

  •  Please check out some of the hundreds of testimonials we have received. Just click here.