Wow! It’s hard to believe that we are into the fifth year of the greenpest newsletter.  So much has changed in five years, yet some things remain constant. Termites still attack homes the same way they always have… sneakily and persistently.  Fortunately, termite control measures are continually improving. We all know the phrase, ‘You can

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Apathy creates termite problems.

Friday, 25 October 2013 by

This newsletter is probably the toughest one that we’ve had to put together since we first started our newsletters a few years ago.  The reason it was so difficult is because we had hoped to bring you details on a new termite warranty idea for the Green Termite Bait System.  Unfortunately it is not to

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Choosing the best method to protect your home from termites is never easy. There are so many choices of product and quite a few different methods. In a previous newsletter we recently discussed the best way to build a termite-proof home from scratch and we pointed out the strengths of building your home on piers/stumps.

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Have you ever noticed how things get cleaned up and made neat and tidy before they are offered for sale. Whether it’s a motor car or some knickknack to be sold on eBay there is usually some effort put in to make the object look as presentable as possible. So when it comes to selling